Thursday, February 22, 2007

Microsoft....catching up?

Microsoft was left far behind in the web world and it is trying to do what it does best, catch up. At least in the space. Checkout the Live Maps and you will see Google Earth like product embeded in the browser. You have to install a 3D-plugin like software but once installed you can control the 3D view of buildings like you would in the Google Earth.

Also, the game Flexicon is a neat mixture of crossword and their new search engine.

It will probably not develop Google Docs like product to compete with its own Office but I am sure it will make the Office complementary to some online document management service. I haven't seen the full version of Office 2007 to say how this will play out.


Samir said...

Check out Ms. Dewey.

Gaurav said...

She is cute but useless! Just a funny way to search.

Anonymous said...

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