Monday, November 20, 2006

Bloglines Rules

I know some of you already use but I started using it just a few weeks ago. I feel so much connected now. Bloglines makes it so easy to keep track of all the blogs you read on a regular basis. It shows you all the blogs as unread mail folders and whenever you access any of the folders (blogs) it shows you the summary of all the new blog posts. It also has AJAX enabled updates so your blogline window gets updated without you having to manually refresh the window.

Rock on Bloglines.


I was looking at various projects listed on this Indicorps website when I came across this list of fellows. To my surprise, these are all the kids raised in the US or other countries, going and living in rural/urban India to give back to the country. This way, they get a good international experience and get to learn a lot about India by living and traveling. Hats off to the kids who have done this or are doing this right now and hats off to their parents for providing their kids with good guidance and financial security.

Suddenly the stereotypical image of an Indian-American kid crumbles. I do not know a single 'desi' guy/girl who have done this. Perhaps because they are still in the process of setting up their own financial foundation and security. Perhaps...