Saturday, October 01, 2005

Quadrant2: Retirement - Start early

My friend, Sai, just wrote about how you can achieve your retirement goals if you start little but start early. In his post, Quadrant2: Retirement - Start early, he also has a link to his presentation which contains links to more resources. I have read about this at many other places too and completely believe in this. Time, is that rare resource which if not used wisely, can never be returned.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Writing to explore

I found this article corroborating what I have believed, that to explore an idea, a thought or a concept, writing is the best tool. If you put down your thoughts, you have a chance of not only explaining it to others, but also to make your beliefs clearer. You wouldn't discard stupid ideas or wouldn't even try to classify your thoughts or judge your thoughts, but when you write them down, you will be the first critic of your thoughts before anyone else, and that acts as a nice filter. What comes down is better than whats in your head. In this article Robert H. Frank, an economics professor at Cornell University has developed a nice economics 101 course to explain all the odd things in life. In the class students explore odd observations by writing about them. E.g. Why do drive through ATMs have instructions in braile? Why do women buy their wedding gowns and men rent the tux? Simple answer, "Its the economics stupid".