Thursday, December 15, 2005

Babua Khiladi Dadua Anadi

Yes, that is the name of Bhojpuri version of "Namak halal"

1000% profit is what is drawing some of the bollywood talent in Bhojpuri Phillum Industry.

Read this BBC Article

Some interesting tidbits:

Made on a modest budget of $65,000, Sasura Bada Paisawela took in over $3m at the box office. Daroga Babu mopped up nearly $900,000 on a similar budget.
Rani Chatterji - originally Sabiha Sheikh and renamed after Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee - is the most popular actress.
To exploit the industry's potential, there is also a rush now to dub 40 Bollywood hits, including films like Sholay and Deewar, into Bhojpuri.

Imagine Sholay in Bhojpuri:

Arrey O sasur ka nati, kitney aadmi they?

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