Friday, March 14, 2003

War on Iraq - Nothing Personal, just business.

I have been appalled by the amount of american media coverage US's war waging endeavour against Iraq receives. There is nothing else on TV. We, normal citizens of the world only rely on media on what is going on. But,inquisitive mind is always asking questions. I always feel that things are not the way they seem to be. So, in search of truth these are some things which I came accross by reading different articles on this.

- Why would US spend billions of dollars if it is not interested in Iraq's oil ?
- Why would US be ready to pay around $10 billion to turkey to just use their land for staging US army ?
- Why would the most capitalist nation of all go after changing regime of a country which doesn't pose as serious a threat as Al-qaeda and other terrorist outfits do ?
- Why would president focus so much on waging a war when the ecconomy at home is in shambles ? In order to rely on a possible covert agreement that Iraq will flood the market with cheap oil and provide an economic stimulus ?
- Why would France and Russia oppose so vehemently to the most powerful nation's wish to change regime in Iraq if they didn't have vested interest in Iraq's oil ? Probably they haven't been promised a big enough chunk in future oil commensurate to their help in overthrowing the regime. Why is US is ready to go to war even without UN backing ? Has US considered and decided that risks involving going to the war alone outweigh the benefits she will be able to reap after the war is over assuming that the results are favorable ?
- Why is there no talk about helping the current rebellion in Iraq rather than external military aggression ? Is there no rebellion/awareness or the Iraqi people love their dictator ? If they do love their dictator, can't we just leave them alone ?

After reading all such things, it seems that all these powerful militarized governments are interested in their
vested interests rather than worrying about other people's lives. Capitalists want to take advantage of the resources available in the world till they create and innovate to create the next driver of their towering ecconomies. I wish the world was not such a selfish place . I wish the so called leaders in living a better quality life were also the leaders in living a morally better and responsible lives.

Just some random thoughts.

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